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Transforming data into business intelligence

Staying on top in today’s competitive financial market requires rigorous measures. While searching for ways to maintain your competitive edge, don’t leave your most valuable in-house resource untapped – your company’s data. Temberton Associates can help you harness the power of this vital resource to respond to your business challenges. For 20 years, Temberton has been providing customized solutions to Fortune 500 companies to better measure, understand, and grow their companies through cutting-edge data management, data mining, and strategic modeling strategies. Temberton has built a substantial track record of success with companies in the banking, insurance, and healthcare industries – helping them transform raw data into actionable business.

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Marketing Solutions

Let Temberton provide the
technology and the experience
to drive your company’s
knowledge of and engagement
with your customers.


Data Management Solutions

Gain control over the growing
volumes of data your company gathers with expert database
development and management techniques.