A Multi-Channel Approach to Discovering New Sales Opportunities for Insurance Marketing

Now that the features of the data integration and analytical system insurance have been discussed, marketing teams can optimize strategies in an effective and efficient manner.  The process shown below demonstrates how data-driven marketing can provide insurance companies with the tools to address one of many challenges.






















With the 360-degree customer profile, marketers can harness leads from customer behavior to discover new sales opportunities. Combing efforts with the digital marketing data from SEM, SEO, and Social leads to customer behavior will result in a targeted marketing approach. Through the aggregation of customer data and the use of profiling and segmentation, marketers can pinpoint where to advertise to their target audience. For instance, a team can use analytics of keywords and website traffic insights to determine what advertisements would be attractive for 40-50-year-olds, and provide the best channel for that target age group.  Allowing data to drive marketing strategy will increase sales opportunities.