Leveraging Insurance Marketing Data to Expand Revenue

With the multi-faceted data integration system and 360 degree, customer profile insurance marketing teams will now be able to explore and optimize strategies.






Two concepts to expand revenue:

So how can companies leverage the 360 degree profile to offer innovative and customized solutions within departments and agencies/brokerage firms? Cross-selling either directly or through your agents and brokers can be managed with the robust data analytical system. Once the marketing team has built a comprehensive profile of their customers, the profile can be disseminated amongst other departments to expand revenue through cross selling products.

Integrating traditional marketing & digital marketing efforts is a direction toward which most companies are heading. One example is the way marketing organization are personalizing the communication with the “always on” customers. Using the 360 customer view, organizations are able to engage each customer’ based on their individual needs. Combining this with a vigorous system that interacts with multiple social applications, organizations can strategize the best way to stay in touch with customers.