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This is the age of big data: making data-driven decisions entails not just gathering all the relevant points of information, which requires breaking through silos, but also applying the right analysis to extract value from it and act on it. Finding valuable insight is not a question of integrating as much data as possible, but…Read more

Dealing with Negative Feedback Online

“If you have nothing to hide and are proud of your products and services, why not use the open forum to take constructive criticism and defend your business or clear up any misunderstandings?” – WallStreetOasis Beyond legal and ethical issues, social media marketing entails defining solid boundaries. Most companies are utilizing their online to create…Read more

Leveraging Insurance Marketing Data to Expand Revenue

With the multi-faceted data integration system and 360 degree, customer profile insurance marketing teams will now be able to explore and optimize strategies.         Two concepts to expand revenue: So how can companies leverage the 360 degree profile to offer innovative and customized solutions within departments and agencies/brokerage firms? Cross-selling either directly…Read more

How Predictive Analytics can Transform your Company’s Future [Infographic]

How does predictive analytics help businesses identify an increase in profits and growth of revenue? Below is a recent SAP infographic explaining the importance of predictive insights.

A Multi-Channel Approach to Discovering New Sales Opportunities for Insurance Marketing

Now that the features of the data integration and analytical system insurance have been discussed, marketing teams can optimize strategies in an effective and efficient manner.  The process shown below demonstrates how data-driven marketing can provide insurance companies with the tools to address one of many challenges.                …Read more

Centralizing Customer Data Ensures Effective Insurance Marketing

Relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding. Building a 360 degree customer data profile facilitates the marketers’ understanding of their customers.  This in turn, helps marketers provide their customers the best experience and service, target product offerings, and produce relevant communications. The key to building a 360-degree customer profile is aggregating as much relative…Read more

Leveraging all data, big and small, for effective insurance marketing

Customer centric communications has long been recognized as a key component to driving sales to both existing and new customers.  Companies that excel in this area have a competitive advantage to help them differentiate themselves. Here are some tips to keeping your analytics focused on the customer – identifying their needs, sentiments, and behaviors:  …Read more

How Text Analytics Works

Series 2: Text mining – how it works Background This week continues our second series of Text Analytics (TA). As previously stated, TA can be used as an invaluable source in interpreting text data in providing rich customer information that otherwise may go undetected via numerical data (structured) analysis. Several players in the industry have…Read more

Problems and Solutions of Text Analytics

 Series 3: The problems and the solution Today’s world contains mountains and mountains of data. In fact, analysts are stating that unstructured data will outgrow structured (numerical data) by a rate of 10%-50% per year.  Here is where text analytics (TA) come into play. Text Analytics can make use of the 80% of unstructured data…Read more

Social Media and Text Analytics

There is no doubt that the use of social media is ubiquitous in our society. Yet the implications of social media are enormous, with possibilities in financial services growing more each year. Industries will soon realize how text analysis can merge our social media driven society, and offer an unconventional and intuitive approach to the…Read more

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