Problems and Solutions of Text Analytics

 Series 3: The problems and the solution Today’s world contains mountains and mountains of data. In fact, analysts are stating that unstructured data will outgrow structured (numerical data) by a rate of 10%-50% per year.  Here is where text analytics (TA) come into play. Text Analytics can make use of the 80% of unstructured data…Read more

Social Media and Text Analytics

There is no doubt that the use of social media is ubiquitous in our society. Yet the implications of social media are enormous, with possibilities in financial services growing more each year. Industries will soon realize how text analysis can merge our social media driven society, and offer an unconventional and intuitive approach to the…Read more

What is Big Data?

Did you know there were 5 billion mobile phone users in 2010 that exchange messages and surf the internet? Also, that there are 30 billion pieces of information shared on facebook each month? Finally, how about 15 out of the 17 business sectors in the United States have more data per company than the entire…Read more

Is The Data Scientist Really a New Concept?

Along with several others, Harvard Business Review has recently pointed out an area with significant job growth which is appropriate for individuals with a curious nature and an expertise in business analytics. But who will dominate this area? The Data Scientist- trending as “the sexiest job” in America, this role has a desirability that calls…Read more

Study: Big Money in Big Data

Big data created a $156 billion industry in 2012, a recent study by the Data Driven Marketing Institute finds. This research on is one the first studies to put a dollar amount on the “big data” industry. As with many studies that attempt to place a value on a technology or industry, these numbers are…Read more

CMOs soon to have more IT budget than the CIOs; Shift Attributed to Marketing Analytics

The marketing professional’s paradigm is quickly evolving as more are using analytics to expand strategy. According to Gartner by 2017, the CMO of a company will spend more on IT than the CIO! Garthner’s annual CMO survey says that CMO dedicated more than 3.24% of their revenue to technology, which is very close to the…Read more

Patient-Centered Healthcare and Behavior-Based Segmentation

As the ACA measures are phased in, many businesses grasp that they must center their efforts on the patient. A segmentation model is the first step in creating an effective marketing strategy. This model not only can be leveraged, but also is one that can be acted on effectively. Creating an ideal segmentation model includes weighing your…Read more

What Healthcare Marketers can Learn from Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza used this live ticker as part of their 2008 campaign that tackled negative user feedback. This transparency campaign was launched at a time when the public’s perception of fast food was at an all-time low. Domino’s took to television and social media to announce a complete overhaul of their pizza’s recipe, as well…Read more

An Unpredictable Healthcare Climate Means Big Changes for Marketers

There is speculation that to bypass paying mandatory healthcare insurance fees and penalties, large employers will cut down the hours of current employees to part-time status. These businesses may predominantly create part-time positions in the future as well. This notion is compounded by the fact that large employers can’t access state exchanges until 2017, but…Read more

5 Things One Should Know About Hadoop

Big Data is a term used to categorize an excessive amount of aggregated data. But, how do Data Miners manage all of this data? Hadoop is one of the popular tools that data analysts are using to store and mine immense volumes of data. Here are 5 Things a Data Analyst should know about Hadoop:…Read more

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