Business Intelligence

Turning Raw Data into Gold

Moving beyond just having data to getting value out of it is rapidly becoming a key strategic differentiator, as businesses dig deeper to find fresh growth opportunities. Smart companies invest in sophisticated business intelligence solutions rather than relying on outdated reporting and analytics – to give them the edge they need over their competition

“Ultimately, data mining will be utilized by all medium and large organizations in one form or another. Not employing predictive analytics against a large repository of data … would be analogous to building drilling platforms, pipelines, storage tanks with no intention for a refinery.”
Eric A. King, DM Review

When properly managed, mined, modeled and analyzed, your data can lead the way to economic growth by generating actionable, profitable business insights. According to a recent survey by Bloomberg BusinessWeek Research, companies that use business intelligence (BI) to drive decision making benefit from increased profitability, reduced costs, improved risk management, process optimization, and critical performance improvements

What we offer

Building an effective analytics infrastructure requires expert knowledge and experience; Temberton Associates has both. Unlike many other vendors, we approach the business of “turning data into business intelligence” as a cyclical, iterative process – not as a one-shot deal. By going through each of the steps methodically and then repeating the process – incorporating knowledge gained in the prior iteration – your company can maximize the rewards inherent in the business intelligence initiative.

It’s not just about software

At Temberton, we know that simply having the right tools in place will not guarantee a positive outcome; successful execution of a BI project requires a thorough understanding of your business and its current challenges. We believe we have just the right combination of technical skills and business savvy to help transform your data into business intelligence. Understanding your business means that we know what data to capture and how to manipulate it so you can make better, more informed decisions. And what we don’t know, we learn – by asking the right questions and listening carefully to what our clients have to say.

x Business Intelligence Case Study 1

Managing Call Center Resources


Develop an optimization strategy for a client’s Call Center


Temberton designed and implemented a study which combined a Customer Profitability model with a Propensity to Purchase model.


Using our study, the client was able to manage their Call Center resources by offering varying levels of service to customers based on their aggregate model scores, leading to significant annual cost savings.

x Business Intelligence Case Study 2

Reducing Life Insurance Attrition Rates


Determine how to prevent attrition amongst customers who pay their premiums late.


Temberton designed and implemented a Late Payer/Lapse study of life insurance policies


Our study identified a population of recurrent late payers and sized the potential benefits of improving these customers’ payment habits. The results were used to design marketing programs that improved the client’s revenue flow by reducing outstanding premiums and increasing retention of vulnerable late payers.