The Bedrock
of Business Intelligence

Companies today gather vast amounts of data,
building rich storehouses that can yield substantial
value when analyzed and transformed into actionable
insights. Yet the quality and reliability of data is increasingly
at risk as the quantities increase, making effective data
management techniques more critical than ever.



With the explosion of data sources and repositories, it has become even more difficult to keep data clean, consistent, and accessible. Only by applying expert database development and management tools and techniques can the rich resources of your data repositories be harnessed effectively to yield profitable results. Whether you are planning a marketing campaign or monitoring the profitability of a loan portfolio, you need a solidly designed and maintained storehouse of data that will yield the functionality you desire.

What we offer

At Temberton, we have both the technical know-how and the business knowledge to develop and manage your databases, ensuring that your project begins with a firm foundation. Our expertise in data warehousing, mining, and modeling allow us to design your database with an eye towards how the data will be mined. We have the technical tools to integrate input from disparate databases and guarantee that your data is kept clean and consistent.
Most important, we have the skills and industry experience to learn about your business and understand how it works. We can piece together how discrete bits of transactional data fit into the big picture of your organization’s strategic objectives – whether you are a credit risk professional, health care executive, or marketer. As a result, we know how to identify and capture the most essential transactional information, optimized precisely for your purposes, and organize it so that it can be easily accessed and analyzed.

Let us put your data to work for you

Our database development services include:

  • Business intelligence and data warehouse assessment and roadmaps
  • Data quality assessments
  • Database enhancement to increase the value of any customer information file, warehouse, or repository, including:
    • Adding customer demographic data and business firmographic data
    • Creating custom user-defined variables to support business needs (customer status, lifetime value,  next products, rank, others)
  • Custom design and implementation of credit and marketing data warehouses with such features as:
    • Proprietary, state-of-the-art householding software which will match customers in a single “household” to one another to better understand customer relationships, lifecycle, and needs; and accurately bring together multiple business accounts into “corporate families” to build insight into true customer dynamics
    • Integration of internal customer data with data from outside sources, including source data variables from every major list provider (Dun and Bradstreet, Donnelley, Experian and others) with quick and accurate appending of these variables to client customer records
    • List selection, scoring, and program tracking, using best-in-class list management solutions from merge/purge, deduplication, match/append, and householding to data hygiene and geocoding; list scrubbing against all do-not-mail and do-not-call lists


Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data–so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. These stores of data are so vast that they are measured in units of terabytes (trillions), exabytes (quintillions), and zettabytes (sextillions) of data.