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The recent upsurge in empowered customers is transforming the landscape for business and marketing. In this new “age of the customer,” only companies that invest in thorough knowledge of and solid engagement with customers will be able to thrive. Executives are increasingly turning to the analytical insights provided by customer intelligence as the path to competitive advantage.

Only 43% of C-level executives surveyed in a Bloomberg Business week Research Services study were satisfied with their customer retention rates; only 34% were satisfied with their ability to acquire and build relationships with customers.

The world of marketing is changing, driven by two key factors: the explosion of data captured by businesses and social media networks, and the rising influence of empowered customers who expect product and service information that’s timely and personally relevant. In this environment, it’s axiomatic that only by thoroughly understanding your customers – who they are, what they prefer, and how they are likely to behave in the future – can you provide the kind of service that will attract the most valuable individuals and keep them from moving to your competitors. And today there’s more customer data available than ever before – a potential gold mine of insight when transformed into customer intelligence.

What we offer

Whether you want to formulate a focused customer strategy, target your best prospects, or launch a marketing campaign – Temberton Associates can help you adopt successful relationship-building practices rooted in sound knowledge of your customer. We’ll put our combination of technical and marketing know-how to work in guiding you to relevant marketing decisions that are arrived at through reliable modeling techniques, accurate metrics, and insightful analysis.

x Marketing Case Study 1

Maximizing Cross Sell Strategies


Develop a marketing strategy for cross-selling annuities to life and disability insurance policyholders.


Using CHAID analysis and decision trees, Temberton helped the client identify
policyholders who were most likely to purchase an annuity contract and provided
targeted lists for distribution to the client’s agency force.

x Marketing Case Study 2

Building Ideal Customer Relationships


Help financial advisors build strong customer relationships


Temberton developed a Financial Advisor scorecard model, using key activities within the financial advisory process as metrics for a successful client relationship. Using the scorecard, the client was able to:
• Define the combination of products, services, and behaviors essential for nurturing a strong advisory relationship with clients
• Assess the strength of the advisory relationship between individual clients, Financial Advisors, and the client company
• Demonstrate how the scorecard could be used to support the development of business strategies for Financial Advisors and Branch Managers