Accelerate Marketing with Customer Intelligence

Customer intelligence has been proven to increase customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction, and to drive revenue. Yet industry research shows that fewer than 15% of firms operate at a strategic level of customer intelligence; most are still not fully leveraging the opportunities hidden in their customer data.

We focus on the foundation –your data.

Customer intelligence begins by capturing all relevant information about customer behavior and preferences that can be gleaned from your company’s operational and transactional sources. Temberton can develop a customer-centric, marketing-oriented data repository that integrates your customer data from multiple sources – from online as well as offline channels. Or, we can enhance your existing database by ensuring that you’re capturing everything that’s available in your data warehouse and that the data is significant, clean and reliable. [hyperlink to Data Management]

We use analytics to make the most of your marketing dollars.

By applying data mining, modeling, and statistical analysis techniques to your data, Temberton can help you discover the most profitable growth opportunities. Tools such as profiling and segmentation can drive customer-centric strategies, allowing you to deliver consistent, relevant, and targeted messages to the customers most likely to respond. Predictive modeling can help you forecast your customers’ future behavior – such as when and why specific customers are likely to attrite. Marketing optimization technologies allow you to make the most of each customer communication.

We provide answers to your marketing questions.

Using a combination of tools, we provide customized solutions to the perennial marketing challenges: How do I attract, acquire, and maintain the right customers? How do I provide optimal service for my most loyal customers without driving up operational costs? How do I leverage my customer base to increase company revenue? To see a sampling of our answers visit Marketing Questions & Answers >

x Marketing 1 Case Study 1

Maximizing Cross-Sell Strategies


Develop a marketing strategy for cross-selling annuities to life and disability insurance policyholders.


Using CHAID analysis and decision trees, Temberton helped the client identify
policyholders who were most likely to purchase an annuity contract and provided
targeted lists for distribution to the client’s agency force.

x Marketing 2 Case Study 2

Building Ideal Customer Relationships


Help financial advisors build strong customer relationships


Temberton developed a Financial Advisor scorecard model, using key activities within the financial advisory process as metrics for a successful client relationship. Using the scorecard, the client was able to:
• Define the combination of products, services, and behaviors essential for nurturing a strong advisory relationship with clients
• Assess the strength of the advisory relationship between individual clients, Financial Advisors, and the client company
• Demonstrate how the scorecard could be used to support the development of business strategies for Financial Advisors and Branch Managers