It all starts with the customer. That’s why we work with banks, credit unions, and other origination organizations to make optimal use of their customer information to build, nurture, and maximize lasting customer relationships. Our system provides you with the ability to create tailored offerings that meet customers’ needs; we design and implement solutions drawing on these and other customized strategies:

• Establishing an effective reporting infrastructure to take on new customers.

Creating customer profiles

Conducting quantitative analytics

Developing predictive models

Implementing multi-dimensional portfolio segmentation


We design solutions that help you find the balance between risk and return when managing any portfolio. Using segmentation analysis, we help you understand your portfolios across the customer life cycle and use credit bureau data for monitoring purposes. This enables you to keep track of portfolio changes, detect trends, and identify customer needs that offer opportunities to generate revenue. We also provide portfolio performance tracking, including:

Roll rates

Time-on-books analysis

Portfolio composition








Even the best analytics and monitoring services can’t eliminate the need for collection efforts when customers default. But why spend more resources than necessary on your debt recovery operation when Temberton’s analytic team can help you optimize your collections efforts? Using mathematical algorithms that consider factors such as call center capacity, budgets, and likeliness of consumers to pay, we can design a strategy that is targeted to yield the highest amount of outstanding money with the lowest cost of collection efforts – a strategy can be implemented in both the call center environment and in traditional mail campaigns. When optimization is used in conjunction with a predictive model and advanced segmentation, your company will minimize its operational costs and maximize its profits.





Every business has its high-priority customers: those essential clients that can make the difference between profit and loss. However, if these customers run into challenges, so does your business. Knowing any changes in their financial position before it affects yours is critically important. Temberton’s Account Monitoring – a sophisticated credit risk assessment monitoring service – protects you by keeping an eye on the customers you need to stay one step ahead of. Temberton Account Monitoring services have delivered over $5,000,000 in loss savings and workouts for past clients. Valuable features include:

Comprehensive risk mitigation system

Credit Bureau Interfaces to capture daily triggers

Proactive risk mitigation