In today’s fast-paced digital world, you need the competitive advantage of data-driven insights to direct your marketing or customer success strategies. With our 25-year history of success, Temberton can help you unlock the value of your data, unleashing its full power by optimizing your business processes to overcome challenges, solve business problems and ultimately growing your customer base, increase revenues and profits and realize your goals.

Data Management

The first step in optimizing your business processes is implementing data management best practices to leverage all the data created in your organization. That means setting the direction for your data creation, use, and storage around the areas you want to work on, whether it’s customer data for the marketing team, logistical data for the production team, or customer-level profitability data for the finance team.

  • Customer
  • Logistical
  • Profitability

Good data management brings the data you need within reach while keeping you in compliance with security and privacy regulations.

Benefits Of Best-Practices Data Management

  • Targeted Marketing
    Targeted Marketing

    That leads to improved sales, retention, and relationship-deepening

  • Smoother Operations Management
    Smoother Operations Management

    Built on streamlined and automated processes

  • Easy Access
    Easy Access

    To the data you need

  • Sustained Growth
    Sustained Growth

    For business and revenue

  • Faster Development
    Faster Development

    Of applications and systems

  • Improved Regulation And Compliance
    Improved Regulation And Compliance

    Controls to promote security and privacy, including demonstration of adhering to GDPR and CCPA

  • Business And Technical Alignment
    Business And Technical Alignment

    That promotes collaboration

Having access to the data that proper data management provides is not enough. Companies that can’t trust their data cannot make the critical, timely tactical and strategic decisions needed. Temberton utilizes the following criteria to ensure the quality of your data.

The “6 Cs” For Data Quality

  • Correct


    All information must be accurate

  • Current


    The data needs to be up-to-date, taking into account any changes that may render it obsolete or worthless

  • Complete


    If essential data elements are  missing, the data is not reliable

  • Clean


    Any data errors have been addressed and resolved

  • Consistent


    The format has to be standardized, and redundancies need to be removed as a part of the preparatory step known as data normalization

  • Credible


    The data has to be verified as coming from a reliable source

Advanced Analytics

Too many companies rely on tedious, labor-intensive processes to locate, organize, characterize, and scrub their data; industry studies have shown that often, over 50% of data analysts’ time is spent on these tasks, rather than on value-added analytics.

Advanced Analytics Image
Techniques and Tools

We implement BI (Business Intelligence) and Reporting Solutions to make your data accessible and usable so analysts can extract real business value from their data in a more efficient and timely way. Effective reporting tools can also demonstrate compliance with various data privacy laws and regulations, including GDPR and CCPA, providing visibility into your organization’s data best practices.

Insights and Reporting

The real value of your data lies in the business insights it can provide. Our data experts work with your business leaders to define and build the KPIs, dashboards, and re- ports needed to drive key decisions. Assurance of data quality is the foundation of good data-driven decision-making; that’s what makes the difference between analytics that point you in the right direction and analytics that can cost you time and money.

Decision Support

Decision Support

Bad data, bad data management, and bad analysis all lead to bad decisions that can cost your company money, customers, and reputation. Working with bad data sets in motion a whole series of flawed business decisions that can result in significant damage before the error is rectified. In 2016, IBM estimated that bad data cost the US $3.1 trillion annually.

Data Analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making. This is essential for any business that intends to achieve digital transfor- mation and truly leverage data to drive business results.

Good Data Analysis

Marketing Operations And Customer Success

Temberton’s advanced data analytics drive improved
marketing and sales results by enabling you to:

Marketing Operations And Customer Success
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