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Steps To Take Before You Implement a CRM

Every business could be better served by having increased visibility of their customers, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems are built to help companies do just that. A CRM system is a crucial tool for managing customer data at scale ...
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DataOps: An Introduction to the Framework & Tools

Today’s businesses need fast and reliable access to enormous quantities of data from numerous sources. They also require data teams that can field proposals and deploy analytics with little interruption. DataOps, as you will soon learn, promises t ...
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Why a Data Lake? 5 Key Benefits for Your Business

Today’s businesses need to store and leverage massive volumes of data to solve complex business problems. Yet many organizations are still using costly legacy databases that simply cannot keep up with the pace of 2021’s data demands, resulting i ...
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5 Data Problems Companies Still Face in 2022

With the amount of data being created increasing by approximately 40% every year, there's no doubt that the data your business collects must be managed effectively for improving  business processes and sustainable growth. But as the volume of d ...
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Customer Data Platform: No More Customer Data Silos

Customers today are interacting with companies on a variety of channels, frequently zigzagging between them before converting. As such, it’s become more pertinent than ever for organizations to ensure that the wealth of customer data they are r ...
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Omnichannel: A Data-Driven Approach

It’s no secret that a company’s marketing strategy is only as effective as the data that drives it. As discussed in Temberton's previous insight about omnichannel marketing, an omnichannel approach, optimizing your company’s data is crucial th ...
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