Ben Gold

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  • Management

    Ben Gold, President, has been providing data management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) analytics, risk management, and business decision support services to the banking, insurance, finance, brokerage and health care industries for over twentyfive years. In addition to his technical expertise, Ben brings a breadth of experience in both the marketing and credit worlds to his work. His passion for results, along with the creativity and resourcefulness he draws on to deliver his projects in a timely fashion, has led to long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

    Before founding Temberton Associates in 1993, Ben worked in IT and database management for government and mortgagebacked securities for Morgan Stanley, and in risk management for credit acquisition at Citibank. Ben has an M.B.A. in Marketing from NYU Business School and a B.A. in Math from Yeshiva University.

  • Strategic Partners

    Temberton augments in-house resources by drawing upon a pool of professional experts – computer technologists, IT specialists, market researchers, promoters, and business strategists – who provide additional technical and industry expertise for Temberton Associates’ projects.

  • Clients

    Temberton Analytics has been working with Fortune 500 companies to improve their bottom lines by providing cutting edge data management, data mining, and statistical modeling techniques to measure, understand, and grow their businesses. In business for almost twenty years, Temberton has built a substantial track record of success with companies in the banking, insurance, and healthcare industries – helping them “turn raw data into gold” with solid analytics, powerful insights, and expert advice.

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