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Omnichannel Marketing: The Seamless CX

Whether your business is in healthcare, banking, insurance, or another industry, marketers today must adapt to the demands of today’s customers who are growing accustomed to highly personalized, unified, and on-demand experiences through a variety of channels.

These seamless experiences can be achieved by businesses through a data-driven omnichannel marketing strategy.

This Temberton insight provides an overview of omnichannel marketing and explains why the omnichannel framework is essential for seamless customer experiences today.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel refers to an integrated, seamless, and consistent customer experience across all channels.

Today’s customers are interacting with brands on multiple channels, and omnichannel marketing addresses this by striving to deliver a unified brand experience to current and prospective buyers.

With an omnichannel framework to marketing in place, customers will receive personalized marketing messaging throughout all channels. This, of course, will ultimately lead to higher engagement and conversion rates for your business.

Simply put, omnichannel is the customer-driven approach to today’s marketing.

Omnichannel is the Key to Customer Satisfaction & Better ROI

Omnichannel is more than just a buzzy marketing term; implementing an omnichannel approach to your business’s overall marketing strategy is an absolute necessity if businesses wish to achieve better customer satisfaction, customer retention, and ultimately, reduce needless marketing spend in the long term.

In fact, brands with omnichannel strategies experience up to 23x higher customer satisfaction rates according to Aberdeen Group, and 91% greater retention rates year-over-year compared to those who do not according to Aspect Software.

Multichannel Marketing vs. Omnichannel Marketing

You may be familiar with multichannel marketing and wonder what the difference is between multichannel and omnichannel approaches to marketing.

While multichannel marketing is focused on simply engaging with customers on as many platforms or channels as possible, omnichannel marketing is focused on allowing customers to move from channel-to-channel effortlessly, ensuring a consistent customer experience and consistent messaging throughout all channels.

A multichannel marketing strategy is certainly a step in the right direction, but an omnichannel marketing mindset will elevate the customer experience and marketing efficacy by ensuring that all marketing communications work together seamlessly.

Omnichannel Marketing in Action

Now that we’ve covered what omnichannel marketing means and how it differs from multichannel, let’s explain how omnichannel marketing works in practice through the lens of e-commerce.

Imagine this scenario…

  1. You click an ad for an attractive product on your Facebook newsfeed and end up on the product landing page.
  2. You add the product to your cart but as soon as you begin the checkout process, you get distracted and exit the website.
  3. The next day, you receive an email from the brand reminding you to complete your purchase, along with a coupon for free shipping to sweeten the deal. So you buy the product!
  4. In the weeks that follow, you notice display ads promoting similar products from the brand.

Sound familiar?

E-commerce is an excellent lens to begin thinking about how you can apply the omnichannel marketing framework to your business, no matter the industry.

With omnichannel integration, marketing communications follow the buyer’s journey in a dynamic way. No channel stands alone and each marketing communication is based on real-time data.

At the core of all effective omnichannel marketing is properly stored, measured, and analyzed data. To learn more about how the right data can guide your company’s messaging, read Temberton’s insight, Content in Context.

Cutting edge data management and analytics are key to successful omnichannel marketing. At Temberton, we can help guide your organization’s omnichannel marketing strategy, transforming data into business intelligence with solid analytics, powerful insights, and expert advice.

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