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Temberton’s Guide to Salesforce Implementation and Support Consulting

If you are familiar with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, you most likely have heard of – or have worked with – Salesforce. As the most popular CRM platform in the world, Salesforce offers a range of product suites that enable sales, marketing, and customer service teams of all industries through management of customer data.

Temberton Analytics provides Salesforce implementation, and integration consulting services for Fortune 500 clients in the healthcare, banking, financial services, insurance industries, and more. In this guide to Salesforce consulting, you will learn how working with a Salesforce consulting partner can maximize return on your Salesforce investment. 

What is a Salesforce Consultant?

A Salesforce consultant works with companies to implement, enhance and/or support their use of Salesforce. A Salesforce consultant is technically savvy in Salesforce platforms for sales, service, and/or marketing.

Your Salesforce partner will work with your team to create processes and solve problems leveraging various Salesforce tools and best practices. A Salesforce consultant may be certified and skilled in a broad range of Salesforce Cloud platforms or they may be more specialized, depending on your company’s specific needs. 

When your team has a question or encounters issues using Salesforce, having a trusted Salesforce consulting professional on hand ensures problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

Whether your organization has recently made the decision to migrate to Salesforce, or you want to ensure your Sales, Service, IT or Marketing teams are utilizing Salesforce as efficiently as possible, a Salesforce consultant can help your team achieve its goals and generate more ROI. 

Working with a Salesforce consultant means that you have a trusted partner that will get to know your specific business needs and solve for them. There are two primary functions of Salesforce Consultants: Salesforce Implementation or Salesforce Support.

Salesforce Implementation

When getting started with Salesforce, your organization may not have the internal resources to implement the CRM effectively or understand best practices for your specific business needs. As such, it makes sense to work with a partner who has the experience necessary to ensure a smooth Salesforce implementation process for your business. 

If your business is migrating to Salesforce from another CRM, moving the data from one system to the next can be a complex (and potentially headache-inducing!) process. Having a Salesforce Implementation Consultant on hand will ensure this process is performed smoothly and seamlessly, keeping all that important customer data intact.

When implementing Salesforce, it’s crucial to identify business goals and needs that your company aims to solve with the Salesforce platform. An experienced Salesforce Consultant will know the right probing questions to ask for requirements gathering. This will ensure a smooth transition to Salesforce. 

When working with Temberton Analytics’ Salesforce Implementation Consultants, rest assured that Salesforce will be optimized for your team’s needs to maximize your return on investment from the start.

Salesforce Support

Is your team using Salesforce to its full potential?

Salesforces’ suite of products offer a ton of functionality, but if you don’t have an expert at hand to configure certain tools, your team may be using them inefficiently, leading to reduced productivity and ultimately, reduced revenue for your business. 

Working with a Temberton Salesforce Support Consultant means you will have a trusted resource that works closely with your sales, customer service, or marketing teams to understand current needs or challenges. A Salesforce Consultant will then use their extensive technical knowledge of Salesforce to solve specific business needs. This may take the form of implementing a new process, using automation tools to make things more efficient, and educating team members.

The Salesforce Consulting Process

Salesforce is a powerful tool with tons of functionality, but it takes expertise to efficiently configure the tool to solve for different ongoing business needs that Sales, Service, Marketing or IT teams are faced with. Temberton Analytics’ Salesforce consultants use their technical knowhow to design and build processes to increase efficiency, solve business challenges, reduce heavy lifting, and increase return on investment.

Now that you understand the value a Salesforce Consultant can add to your business, you may be wondering how a Salesforce Consultant will work with your team(s) day-to-day to solve business problems with the Salesforce platform. Learn directly from a Salesforce Consultant themselves about Salesforce best practices.

Claude Douglas, Salesforce Consultant at Temberton Analytics, helps a Fortune 500 client in the healthcare industry solve for various business needs by providing Salesforce support. Claude explains that, “as a Salesforce consultant, I have conversations with business units [within the company], review any tickets and requests, and get specific requirements to understand the specific functionality that they need and make the solution a reality.”

Claude explains that he aims to “pretty much eliminate any manual process” using his technical Salesforce expertise. 

Once your Temberton Salesforce Consultant understands the business unit’s specific request and determines the best solution from a Salesforce perspective they will then plot out the build and design process. Depending on the specific business needs, this may take the shape of a workflow rule, process builder, coding or configuration. A

Salesforce Consultant may also implement custom fields, alerts such as email alerts, or any other automated process to accomplish business needs and eliminate manual steps.

How Do I Find a Salesforce Consultant?

When looking for a Salesforce consultant, it’s important to be as specific as possible regarding your particular business needs as it pertains to Salesforce.

You will need to answer questions such as:

  • What suite of Salesforce products are you using – i.e., is your team in Sales, Service, or Marketing?
  • Are you implementing Salesforce for the first time, or are you looking for a consultant to help support the day-to-day functionality of Salesforce for your team?
  • What specific business problems are you looking to solve using Salesforce?

Once you have a general understanding of Salesforce needs, you can hone in on finding the right Salesforce consultant for you. Temberton Analytics specializes in finding and building the best Salesforce implementation, integration and support talent for companies and projects of all sizes and scopes.

Temberton’s Salesforce consultants work side-by-side with you and your team to ensure you have a full understanding of the capabilities of Salesforce; they leave no stone unturned when it comes to problem solving for your business.

If you’re looking for a Salesforce Consultant to implement or support your company, contact Temberton Analytics today for a free consultation. Since 1993, Temberton Analytics has helped Fortune 500 companies improve their bottom lines by providing cutting edge data management, analytics, Salesforce support, and more.

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