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How a Major Healthcare Company Leverages a CDP [Case Study]

At Temberton Analytics, we’ve seen how building and implementing Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) has yielded a wealth of benefits for our clients.

What is a CDP? A CDP is a software that collects and organizes real-time customer data across a variety of first-, second-, and third- party touch points and organizes the data into individual, 360-degree customer profiles.

With the holistic view of individual customer data that a CDP offers, marketers are then able to see a clear picture of who their customers to glean insights for highly effective, targeted marketing campaigns. This ultimately leads to better engagement, higher conversion rates, and more revenue for their organization.

As we discussed in our previous CDP case study, a major healthcare company came to Temberton looking for a solution to their fragmented customer data. After consulting with the client to understand their needs, we knew a CDP was the best solution. So we responded by getting a team together to build a customized CDP for the company.

In this case study, we will examine how a major healthcare company leverages the custom-built CDP Temberton built for better marketing strategy. We will also share the advantages the company is seeing by opting for an in-house CDP over using a vendor.

Tools for Tailored Marketing

By consolidating all customer data with a CDP, our client is now able set up rules for automated targeted marketing within an omnichannel marketing framework.

One way our client now uses automated targeted marketing is with onboarding communication: when new members sign on, they are sent an onboarding package consisting of preset communication based on their plan that could be tailored further according to what they indicated in their interactions. This ensures that members are effectively engaged and directed to what they needed to know over the first three months of their tenure.

The tools embedded into our client’s CDP allow tailored marketing messages to be sent out every week based on preset rules. This is constantly updated and completely automated, combining a delivery mechanism for print, email, SMS, or whatever communication channel has been identified for that particular customer or message to be used according to the rules put into the system.

Our client’s marketing team can now build more rich customer personas, tied by data in the CDP to a unique individual.

The data science team analyzes engagement metrics (such as unsubscribes) to develop a deeper understanding of customer behaviors and what triggers them; this analysis feeds back into the campaign model.  The data science team also measures customer engagement (e.g., response/non-response to email messaging), then incorporates those metrics into the feedback loop to tailor the marketing campaign further to the channels which draw the greatest response and engagement.

One-to-one Marketing Impact at Scale

With a CDP, our client’s marketing department is equipped to tailor marketing communications on par with one-to-one marketing, but achieved at a scale through automation.

The healthcare company is now able to set up rules to send personalized health reminders based on the customer profiles in the CDP.

For example, there may be a significant number of women whose profile and history indicates they are candidates for mammograms, and anyone in that category would get personalized reminders to schedule one.

From the customer’s perspective, it is a-one-to-one communication and experience, even though it is fully automated. The communication is set for large scale delivery, so it is customized on a batch level; on the receiving end, each individual experience is customized even when multiple people are getting the same message. The system regularly checks on who should be getting what kind of communication at what particular time and then sends out communications tailored to each customer.

Advantages of Building a CDP Inside the Organization

  • Saves Money: A major advantage of a custom-built CDP was the huge cost savings to our client. In fact, by keeping the CDP in-house, they now save millions of dollars that had previously been paid out to vendors.
  • Easier, Faster Access to Data: Of course, it’s not just about saving money, but about getting better results due to improved data, analytics, and access. Too much capability and infrastructure had been outsourced and kept on the other side of the firewall from the internal client team before – but now the team has easy, in-house access to data.
  • Move Data Seamlessly: There is no longer any impediment to moving data as needed – it’s completely seamless. With that foundation, our client’s in-house marketing and data science teams now have the ability to explore new solutions and leverage their team’s know-how to implement them. They can use their insider knowledge of what’s best for the business – and their customers – to build the right solutions quickly and efficiently.
  • No More Vendor Lock-In: With a customized CDP in place, our client is now platform-agnostic. This reduces vendor lock-in and allows for easier platform migration.

Next Steps: Expanding Marketing Capabilities

Temberton is now exploring other solutions to expand the capabilities of our client’s internal teams, including additional marketing technology stack solutions to further enhance performance.

That includes exploring additional communication channels, adding third-party online behavioral data to enhance customer profiles, and leveraging social media data to develop a more comprehensive and accurate picture of the target audience – all enabled by the customized CDP which provides a comprehensive, centralized data store for all customer data.

Want to learn more about how your company can reap the benefits of a CDP? Reach out to Temberton CEO Ben Gold directly via email at bgold@temberton.com.

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