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Customer Data Platform: No More Customer Data Silos

Customers today are interacting with companies on a variety of channels, frequently zigzagging between them before converting.

As such, it’s become more pertinent than ever for organizations to ensure that the wealth of customer data they are receiving on all touchpoints is stored and integrated effectively in order to prevent data silos.

To centralize customer data in one place, many organizations turn to a customer data platform (CDP) as a solution.

What is a CDP?

A customer data platform (CDP) is a software that collects and organizes real-time customer data across a variety of first-, second-, and third-party touchpoints and sorts the data into individual, 360-degree customer profiles – also called a single customer view (SCV). CDPs have marketer-friendly interfaces that allow for easy data collection, segmentation, and activation.

By storing and sorting all customer data from a variety of sources in one centralized location, CDPs help solve for data siloes, a common problem that organizations face today.

With 360-degree customer profiles in one location, marketers can make better data-driven decisions, work more effectively between departments, create more targeted marketing communications, provide a more satisfactory customer experience, produce higher ROI and ultimately increase revenue.

CDPs are a great tool for organizations striving for an omnichannel marketing approach, which offers a seamless customer experience with a data-driven approach.

In this case study, we will examine how a major healthcare company solved its siloed customer data problem by coming to Temberton to get the expertise needed to build a customized solution in the form of a CDP. This ultimately allowed for both better data and better insight for a marketing strategy.

The Problem: Siloed Data and Piecemeal Solutions

Before coming to Temberton for a customized CDP solution, a major healthcare company was working with piecemeal solutions. They brought in various outside vendors to run campaigns based on limited views that failed to fill in data gaps.

For the healthcare company, pulling everything together was important not just to bring together the data that was separated in silos but to gain a sense of the whole organizational picture.

Without a single comprehensive solution, they had various scattered systems that didn’t communicate with each other. This resulted in inefficient redundancy formed by duplicated solutions or just partial solutions that were limited to just one component of the customer lifecycle rather than a complete 360-degree customer view.

The Solution: A Custom-Built CDP

By implementing a CDP, the company is now able to build the entire marketing stack and integrate it together seamlessly. They’re seeing all customer data coming in and out clearly, which allows them to measure the data and make strategic adjustments easily.

Since the company uses multiple software packages, the CDP Temberton implemented offers a two-pronged solution. The campaign is run on one form of software and then passes the data onto another that feeds the responses back into it to inform the campaign direction. The multiple solutions are now talking to each other.

The CDP offered a number of benefits for the healthcare company. They are now able to collect and analyze more customer and audience data than ever before — including identity data, descriptive data, quantitative and qualitative customer data.

Both customer data and employees are unified by allowing the data to be more readily accessible to multiple departments. Omnichannel marketing efforts are unified by supplying consolidated and more accurate data. And the individual customer profiles help to inform customer behavioral analysis and construct identity graphs.

Extracting value from the wealth of data assets a company possesses depends not just on getting the data together, but bringing in the expertise that understands the significance of the data.

By coming to Temberton for help implementing a CDP solution, a major healthcare organization has opened the way for much more effective marketing.

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